Available on the iPhone App Store Install Plugin - Requires Adium 1.4b17
  • Adium Remote Control
  • View your contact list and start or continue chats
  • View messages received on, or sent from your computer
First and foremost, a HUGE thanks goes out to the Adium team for making an amazing instant messaging client, and the plugin architecture that makes this all possible. I urge you all to thank them yourselves and donate!

Please Note: Remodium's Adium Plugin is Intel only

Remodium uses the following frameworks:
  • CocoaAsyncSocket
  • TCMPortMapper by The Coding Monkeys

Licenses for these softwares are as listed below:
  • CocoaAsyncSocket is Public Domain
  • TCMPortMapper is MIT Licensed

  Remodium uses 128bit AES encryption for all messages passed between your Mac and iPhone.