Available on the iPhone App Store Install Plugin - Requires Adium 1.4b17
  • Adium Remote Control
  • View your contact list and start or continue chats
  • View messages received on, or sent from your computer

Remodium allows you to remotely interact with an Adium session on your Mac from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or your iPad. You can view existing chats, resume existing chats, or start new ones!

Using Adium, you only need to sign into your chat services once. All of your groups, contact aliases and meta-contacts will appear normally.

All Remodium chats are stored with regular Adium Chat Transcripts.

Remodium also supports Apple's Push Notification service.
Simply add "Push" to your status to be notified of any incoming messages. (http://d.pr/g5X2)

For support, please check the links below first. If you're still puzzled, or just want to give some general feedback (which is always appreciated!) email us at feedback@remodium.com

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